Our Story - Low country food

Chef Kevin is an American chef born in Evergreen Park; IL raised in the south side of Chicago formally trained in the classic French technique in NY at the French Culinary. Chef Kevin’s cuisine is heavily influenced by his southern maternal side of his family. His quest has been to execute those traditional dishes with classic French technique. Having spent numerous summers in Sumter, SC as a child in the “Gullah-Low Country.” While living in Chicago he spent countless hours at the side of his grandmother and at his great-aunt’s local bar restaurant. Learning first-hand the proper patience to prepare a classic roux adding the right seasoning, ingredients, and time-honored traditions of low country style cooking. Having traveled extensively with his family throughout the Caribbean, and the south of France as a teenager.  Gleaning flavors from his travels helped prepare and inspire his palette.


Throughout my career my particular focus has been on building community, striving to create memorable flavor components, and honing my skills in various cuisines with optimal visual appeal. Kevin was most recently with One Off Hospitality Group in Ukrainian Village. Recently serving as the representative of Bright Farms for the IFPA convention in Orlando, FL. As caterer and private chef with EPC.  I’m driven with a passion to prepare a menu with bold flavors and fresh ingredients making every dish as memorable and presentable as the next.


Kevin is a highly experienced EPC (Elite Personal Chef) professional chef bringing a modern artistic twist to American cuisines.