Mini handmade Crab Cakes, remoulade, fresh dill

Seared Ahi Tuna, toasted sesame, wasabi
Pimento Cheese, parmesan crisp

- Salad-
Seared Hand of Summer Salad

Radish, shaved egg, apple, marinated cucumber, seared san marzano tomato, grated parmesan

Raspberry vinaigrette, Toasted pistachio or Cashew

- Main-
Rosemary Seared Beef Tenderloin

mushroom pan jus
Served With

Classic New Orleans Shrimp & Stone Mountain Grits, Andouille, Bacon
Homemade Biscuits with spicy Dirty Rice

Freshly Blanched Broccoli

Asiago, parmesan, romano cheese

Flourless Chocolate Cake w/Vanilla Gelato

Served with edible flowers, raspberry, blackberry jus-22k gold dust